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Taxonomy Crisis: 5.4 Million of the World's Species Are Still Unnamed

(newsfeed.time.com): Only a quarter of the world's species have been identified because of insufficient funding and a shortage of taxonomists. Over the past 12 months, 16,000 species have been found, bringing the number of the known animal kingdom to 1.4 million.
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Call for Scientists to help put open principles into practice

(blogs.openaccesscentral.com/): On 2nd September 2010 BioMed Central issued a draft position statement in support of open data, which provides a number of recommendations - and aspirations - for the role of publishers in promoting reproducible research by increasing scientific data sharing, data reuse and open data. In the months since the BioMed Central statement, a number of high-level policy statements on data sharing have emerged. These are positive developments but there are many details and practicalities still be to worked out. So rather than 'why share data?', the question now is 'how?'.
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Content Discovery: Break the Barriers for End Users

(resources.igi-global.com): As information seekers become less interested in the container of information (a monograph vs. a traditional reference work) and focus instead on the currency and relevancy of the information contained, it is important to recognize that the term "reference content" has begun to evolve. It now includes not just what we think of as traditional reference works (e.g., dictionaries, encyclopedias) but also a fuller range of academic resources and digital products that make information readily available to users in an organized fashion.
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Customers Move Online = Bad News for News in the Internet Age

(scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org): How dependent will news become to the online outlet? Given what Pew found, it's clear that online news is in fact the only sector of news consumption that's growing its audience, and at a very high rate.
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iPad's success cuts laptop and e-reader sales

(silicon.com): Sales of Apple's iPad have cut demand for laptops, netbooks and e-readers, according to research firm ChangeWave. Its survey examined the effect tablet devices are having on the sales of other electronic devices and found that e-reader and laptop sales are most at risk. The report found that 26 per cent of people who had bought a tablet device had cancelled or postponed purchasing an e-reader, 11 per cent had done the same with a laptop and 10 per cent had put off buying a netbook.
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