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Have You Benefited from Public Access to PubMed?

(eff.org): April 7, 2011 marks the third anniversary of a groundbreaking policy that has dramatically improved access to a trove of medical and scientific knowledge. To celebrate the third anniversary of this policy, the Scholarly Publishing&Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) is launching a campaign to raise awareness about the benefits of public access to taxpayer-funded research. They have issued a call for stories - a chance for users to explain how they have benefited from the NIH databases.
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Taxonomy: The naming crisis

(independent.co.uk): Taxonomy really began as a science in the 18th century with the Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus, whose naming system is still used. The work is key to the conservation and management of biodiversity, yet there are more unknown than known species. One of the challenges for taxonomy is that it is often seen as an old and intellectually unchallenging, conveyor- belt science, that simply involves describing new species. Worse still, it's been suggested that the analysis could be done just as well by comparing the DNA of each species - a kind of barcode taxonomy.
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The iPad Falls Short as a Creation Tool Without Coding Apps

(wired.com): Without a proficient programming environment readily accessible on the iPad, Apple's tablet paints a bleak portrait for the future of programming. It doesn't help that Apple enforces strict rules around how iOS apps must be programmed, which occasionally results in some collateral damage..
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Why isn't there more ebook piracy?

(mobile-computing-news.co.uk): Like music before it, the film industry's transition to digital has been ravaged with widespread piracy. Unlike said film industry, the eBooks market has seen very little piracy to date. For media owners, and tech consumers alike, it's worth exploring why this is so.
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E-books 'kindle' debate over paper vs plastic

(su-spectator.com): The ceaseless "electronification" of books has prompted a heated principle versus practice debate. One side points to a sentimental attachment to books, the feeling of flipping the pages or of borrowing old copies of classic works from relatives. The other side has its sights focused on technology's potential-all of a sudden, buying a book is easier, many of the classics are free and writers walk away with a larger chunk of the profits. This sort of issue, with such a vast array of pros and cons, has left many readers puzzled.
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