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British Medical Journal and Technorati among sites hit by Google downranking

(guardian.co.uk): Some - but not all - 'content farms' have lost out through Google's latest update, but real sites that generate real news and information are among the losers too, says new research. An analysis by Sistrix, an independent company that looks at how sites rank against huge numbers of common search keywords, has revealed more than 300 sites that have lost out from Google's re-ranking of sites for "original content" (or the lack of it).
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E-readers growing in popularity as publishers predict the 'year of the e-book'

(telegraph.co.uk): While so-called 'silver surfers' are often thought to be more cautious about new technology than younger people, new research shows that, where e-books are concerned, they are every bit as keen. Six per cent of over-55s own an e-book reader, compared with five per cent of those aged 18-24, according to a survey by Silver Poll. Of those who own an e-book reader, almost half (47 per cent) went for the Amazon Kindle, 31 per cent chose Apple's iPad and 14 per cent preferred the Sony Reader
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U.S. digital project signals the rise of versatile e-textbooks

(thestar.com): Interest in open educational materials has been mounting steadily in recent years as educators and funders seek to leverage the millions of articles that are freely available under open access licences and to develop flexible materials that can be used on any platform and updated or amended without running into publisher or copyright barriers.The shift toward an open educational resource model may still provide payment to authors, but it adopts a different approach from the conventional royalty-based system.
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Open Research Computation - reproducible computational research

(openaccesscentral.com): Scientific computation is emerging as absolutely central to the scientific method, but the prevalence of very relaxed practices is leading to a credibility crisis affecting many scientific fields. It is impossible to verify most of the results that computational scientists present at conferences and in papers today. Reproducible computational research, in which all details of computations -- code and data -- are made conveniently available to others, is a necessary response to this crisis.
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Are digital libraries different from other libraries?

(eosintl.com): In the last few months there has been news about some physical libraries changing into digital libraries. They are not just adding electronic content to their existing collection, but going 100% digital. Does this mean library buildings are being closed and staff is being laid off? Not likely.
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