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Android security threatened by malware; Google pulls infected apps

(androidapps.com): Security seems to be a major theme this week, and for Android users, it's time to crack down on the growing malware apps that are taking over the market. Dozens of applications in Google's (GOOG) Android Market have been discovered to be infected with malware called "DroidDream," which can take over a user's device, compromising their personal data. Google has taken action, having removed over 20 apps from the Market, though it's unclear whether any downloaded infected apps have been removed from devices as well.
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Pharmacy OneSource Webinars on Bugs and Drugs

(wolterskluwerhealth.com): Wolters Kluwer Health announced that Pharmacy OneSource, software-as-a-service provider of Sentri7, a real-time clinical surveillance, documentation and reporting system, is offering complimentary webinars in March with Eileen O'Rourke on microorganism detection and Amanda Hansen on antimicrobial stewardship. Infection Preventionist Eileen O'Rourke will describe basic morphology of microorganisms. Amanda C. Hansen, PharmD, will examine implementing an antimicrobial stewardship program (ASP).
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Asset Based Marketing: The Design Impact On Long Content

(b2cmarketinginsider.com): What makes you pull a book off the shelf and look inside? The publishing industry spends a fortune on jacket designs because a good cover will increase revenue. But with book sales, the cover only takes you so far. A cover design that doesn't appeal to the target audience affects sales.
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HarperCollins Responds To Library eBook Controversy

(mediabistro.com): HarperCollins president of sales Josh Marwell recently wrote an open letter explaining the publisher's controversial new eBook lending policy for libraries. The publisher decided that eBooks can only be checked out 26 times by library patrons until they expire, setting off a wave of Twitter protests and a call for boycott.
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Journal rankings a sword over universities

(theaustralian.com.au): Journal rankings are 'a spectre haunting universities everywhere' according to a British business academic who also attacked a new University of Queensland internal index that measures research performance. In an article published online, Dennis Tourish, professor of leadership and deputy director of research at Kent Business School, argues that academics are being steered towards publishing in preferred journals and "lambasted for their inadequacy if they do not".
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