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Library Consortia Begin To Vote Against HarperCollins Ebook Checkout Policy

(libraryjournal.com): Some library consortia have decided to forgo the purchase of HarperCollins ebook titles effective today in the wake of the publisher's decision to set a license limit of 26 checkouts per title and also amid concerns about what may be next. In addition, an American Library Association task force is convening this week in Washington to begin addressing the question of equitable access to electronic content..
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Are eBooks the new Content Farms?

(impactmedia.co.uk): Whilst the Google farmer update has not meant the end of content farms, it has certainly hit them hard and put a lot of content writers out of work. Most people use content farms to make extra revenue, or to gain a new platform for their work. So just where will these writers flock next? Will eBooks become the next format to be manipulated.
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HarperCollins talks apps, e-book discovery and a 'Spotify for books'

(guardian.co.uk): The next wave of innovation in book apps may come from developers working directly with authors, says David Roth-Ey, group digital director and publisher at HarperCollins UK. HarperCollins has had some success in turning books into apps already. Its iPhone and iPad app for the SAS Survival Guide has sold more than 100,000 downloads with a 3.99 price point.
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Conflicts-of-interest in drug studies sneaking back into medical journals, say investigators

(physorg.com): Hidden financial conflicts-of-interest are sneaking into published drug research through the back door, warns an international team of investigators, led by researchers from the Jewish General Hospital's Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research and McGill University in Montreal. Led by Dr. Brett Thombs and McGill graduate student Michelle Roseman, the team found that important declarations of financial conflicts-of-interest in individual drug trials disappeared when those studies were combined in meta-analyses. Their results will be published in the March 9 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).
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Social innovation to be assessed in measuring the impact of publicly-funded R&D

(sciencebusiness.net): While the world financial crisis put the focus on innovation for economic growth, an emerging field aims to use innovation to solve social problems, at the same time providing a much-needed way to put a value on public investment in science. Social innovation, or social entrepreneurism, has become a buzz among policymakers, scientists, and citizens throughout the world. One reason is that social challenges are becoming more numerous, important and urgent, and the cost of not solving them is increasing dramatically.
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