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Open Research Computation - reproducible computational research

(openaccesscentral.com): Scientific computation is emerging as absolutely central to the scientific method, but the prevalence of very relaxed practices is leading to a credibility crisis affecting many scientific fields. It is impossible to verify most of the results that computational scientists present at conferences and in papers today. Reproducible computational research, in which all details of computations -- code and data -- are made conveniently available to others, is a necessary response to this crisis.
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Are digital libraries different from other libraries?

(eosintl.com): In the last few months there has been news about some physical libraries changing into digital libraries. They are not just adding electronic content to their existing collection, but going 100% digital. Does this mean library buildings are being closed and staff is being laid off? Not likely.
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In the age of the iPad and Kindle, libraries are to be defended, not emptied

(caledonianmercury.com): There is much righteous and articulate protest at the moment about the fate of libraries, in the era of deficit-justified public sector cuts. The library was the original "third place", a zone for people to contemplate and connect between work and home, well before branded coffee shops and boutique malls. And any society worth its salt (perhaps Great, rather than Big) would be thinking about how to build on the public library - a supportive civic platform for new generations of workers and players, part-timers and freelancers, parents and singletons, trying to find the resources to shape their lives in unstable times.
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Apple Subscription Service Rules Smack of Greed: Publishers

(eweek.com): Apple is running afoul of publishers and creative types for its App Store subscription service rules for iPad and iPhone. Will it make changes to satisfy publishers? Apple's rules regarding its subscription service for its iPad tablet and iPhone smartphone have boomeranged across the tech publishing industry, with publishers alleging the company is being greedy, among other not-so-pleasant things..
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Content may be king, but delivery is the ace

(washingtontechnology.com): The more you use content as a sharing tool as opposed to a selling tool, the more likely it is that you will get more and better leads. Content that delivers good information in a way that does not put people to sleep is more likely to go viral in niche communities. Step one is creating the content. Step two is selecting the content delivery tool(s). The final step is making certain the content can be found by those who want and need it..
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