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Journal rankings a sword over universities

(theaustralian.com.au): Journal rankings are 'a spectre haunting universities everywhere' according to a British business academic who also attacked a new University of Queensland internal index that measures research performance. In an article published online, Dennis Tourish, professor of leadership and deputy director of research at Kent Business School, argues that academics are being steered towards publishing in preferred journals and "lambasted for their inadequacy if they do not".
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Google's content farm crackdown causes collateral damage

(digitaltrends.com): Google issued its largest search algorithm update ever in attempt to weed out "low quality" sites last week, but an odd number of legitimate Web sites have been hit by the update as well. Meanwhile, some spammy sites seem entirely unaffected or boosted by the update. Does Google know what it's doing?
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Tablets, E-Readers, Data Bundles to Drive a Strong U.S. Data Market

(eweek.com): In 2011, enterprises will embrace tablets, connected devices will outrevenue computers and the U.S. will figure strongly on the world tech stage, says a new report. Led by the Apple iPad, tablets, e-readers and other connected devices are expected to usher in a new mobile reality, and a new role for the United States on the global stage, according to a new report from independent analyst Chetan Sharma..
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Researchers And Social Media: Uptake Increases When Obvious Benefits Result

(scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org): University College, London's Centre for Information Behaviour and the Evaluation of Research (CIBER), recently released a commissioned report on Social Media and Research Workflow. The study is based around a survey of active users of social media and provides an informative picture of the technologies they are using. Though the study includes a wide definition of "social media," the results are much in line with previous analyses: technologies that create new efficiencies are being picked up, while those without immediate and obvious benefit are being ignored.
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British Medical Journal and Technorati among sites hit by Google downranking

(guardian.co.uk): Some - but not all - 'content farms' have lost out through Google's latest update, but real sites that generate real news and information are among the losers too, says new research. An analysis by Sistrix, an independent company that looks at how sites rank against huge numbers of common search keywords, has revealed more than 300 sites that have lost out from Google's re-ranking of sites for "original content" (or the lack of it).
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