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From eBooks to the iPad: How is Device Proliferation Driving User Demand While Changing Behavior?

(tmcnet.com): Cloud services offer benefits for consumers, businesses and service providers alike. On the consumer and business side, the benefits are obvious: who wouldn't love robust applications delivered over the internet via a pay-as-you-go pricing model? For service providers, the demand for cloud applications provides an obvious opportunity to increase revenue and grow profits
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How India uses Mobile Applications

(penn-olson.com): India has a long history in the mobile application market. Right from the introduction of the revolutionary iPhone that opened gate for Apple's mobile application store in India to Android and Ovi application markets; mobile applications have come a long way. How about mobile usage behavior? A study by Nokia along with Professor Trevor Pinch of Cornell University has the answer.
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From Music to Books: Piracy Threatens Professional Publishers

(interestalert.com): While piracy in the music industry is well documented and widespread, little attention has been given to its latest victim, professional books. The latest article in Simba Information's bi-monthly newsletter Professional Content Report, "Professional Book Piracy Thriving in Cyberspace," finds challenges in combating piracy and quantifying the potential revenue loss.
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Facebook - for scientists

(mndaily.com): Between the steep costs of journal subscriptions, the obscurity of the ivory tower and the mass of bad research that gets published, scientists have reason to lament the lack of openness in their field. To get back the essence and force of great ideas that sometimes get drowned out, scientists at the University of Minnesota and elsewhere are looking to the Internet to let some sunlight in on the process.
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Sharing Data in Biomedical and Clinical Research

(sciencemag.org): There has been vigorous discussion in the scientific literature about the need and value of sharing full data sets from biomedical and clinical research, but it's rare to see the issue get headlines in the mainstream media. In August, an article in The New York Times put the spotlight on a $60 million clinical study of Alzheimer's disease because of its innovative approach to data management: Clinical and imaging data collected in the Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI) were made available immediately for scientists to download and analyze.
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