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E-Book Lending: Boon or Bane to Publishers?

(publishingperspectives.com): When Barnes&Noble and Amazon announced that their eReader devices would now include the ability to swap e-books, they tackled one of the most common complaints about e-books. Reading itself is a solitary act, but if the proliferation of book clubs and online forums like GoodReads are any indication, contemplating what we've read is an experience we seem to enjoy best with others. With lending enabled, these e-book things begin to resemble the socially experienced books we've known and loved..
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Juggling Demands Distracts Today's Students From Learning: Cengage Learning/Eduventures Study

(blog.gale.com): Today's college students are juggling multiple demands and are also entering school lacking essential skills, which is significantly impacting their ability to study and focus, according to a survey released today by Cengage Learning, a leading global provider of innovative teaching, learning and research solutions. The survey, entitled "Instructors and Students: Technology Use, Engagement and Learning Outcomes" conducted by Eduventures, identifies a new generation of students and highlights pressures and obstacles hindering student success.
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Will Ebooks Jeopardize the Book Industry's Carbon Reduction Goals?

(triplepundit.com): The shift towards ebooks is having a significant influence on every part of the book industry, from publishers working to reinvent their value proposition to brick and mortar bookstores fighting for their future. But what about the carbon footprint of the book industry? Does this shift represent an opportunity for the industry given the growing number of books sold without even one tree falling down?
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China's e-Book and Digital Reader Markets Grow, while Legal and Technological Protections of Copyright Provide a Welcome Assist

(mondaq.com): As much as one may love to sit down with a nice hardcover book from one's favorite author, those days are changing, like much else in our lives in the digital age. The transition from obtaining information via traditional books to digital readers is growing around the world. It is estimated by DisplaySearch that the number of digital readers in China had grown to "3 million in 2010, which account[ed] for 2% of the global market."
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How to use Citation Typing Ontology (CiTO) in your blog posts

(blogs.plos.org): One of the annoyances with bibliographies as we use them for scholarly papers is that is usually unclear why a particular paper was cited. It is often possible for readers to gather this information by looking at the citation in the context of the surrounding text, but this is very difficult to automate. A highly cited paper might contain a method that everybody uses, might be a review, or it might contain information that everybody disagrees with.
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