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Apple Subscription Service Rules Smack of Greed: Publishers

(eweek.com): Apple is running afoul of publishers and creative types for its App Store subscription service rules for iPad and iPhone. Will it make changes to satisfy publishers? Apple's rules regarding its subscription service for its iPad tablet and iPhone smartphone have boomeranged across the tech publishing industry, with publishers alleging the company is being greedy, among other not-so-pleasant things..
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Content may be king, but delivery is the ace

(washingtontechnology.com): The more you use content as a sharing tool as opposed to a selling tool, the more likely it is that you will get more and better leads. Content that delivers good information in a way that does not put people to sleep is more likely to go viral in niche communities. Step one is creating the content. Step two is selecting the content delivery tool(s). The final step is making certain the content can be found by those who want and need it..
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E-readers: The future of learning?

(my.hsj.org): In an increasingly technological world, classic paper books may be on the way out. With e-readers like the Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, or the Apple iPad with iBooks, many students are already switching to digital books.
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The Tablet Wars Are On, With Big Stakes for Publishers

(scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org): The long-anticipated deluge of tablets is finally upon us. The iPad had the market to itself from its launch in April 2010 up until now - almost an entire year. And what a year it was for iPad sales. According to KPCB industry analyst Mary Meeker, Apple sold nearly 15 million iPads in the 3 quarters after its launch. This dwarfs the introduction of the iPhone, considered a phenomenon at the time. There is no doubt that Apple has found (or created) a market for a new form factor. Its imitators, while slow in coming, are finally here to cash in.
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Regulators eyeing Apple's m-publishing strategy

(mobilebusinessbriefing.com): The Wall Street Journal reports that several US regulators have begun looking at the terms Apple is imposing on media companies looking to sell content for iPad users, with the European Union also apparently monitoring the situation. According to the paper, the investigation is still at a preliminary phase, and may not lead to formal action, but centres on the fact that Apple is "funnelling" media companies to sell their content via the App Store, in order to enable Apple to take a 30 percent revenue cut.
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