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China's e-Book and Digital Reader Markets Grow, while Legal and Technological Protections of Copyright Provide a Welcome Assist

(mondaq.com): As much as one may love to sit down with a nice hardcover book from one's favorite author, those days are changing, like much else in our lives in the digital age. The transition from obtaining information via traditional books to digital readers is growing around the world. It is estimated by DisplaySearch that the number of digital readers in China had grown to "3 million in 2010, which account[ed] for 2% of the global market."
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How to use Citation Typing Ontology (CiTO) in your blog posts

(blogs.plos.org): One of the annoyances with bibliographies as we use them for scholarly papers is that is usually unclear why a particular paper was cited. It is often possible for readers to gather this information by looking at the citation in the context of the surrounding text, but this is very difficult to automate. A highly cited paper might contain a method that everybody uses, might be a review, or it might contain information that everybody disagrees with.
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China's Fight Against Academic Fraud - Still A Long Way to Go

(english.cri.cn): China's recent revocation of a national scientific award due to academic fraud has been welcomed by the public, but experts warn the country still has a long way to go to bring an end to such dubious academic practices. On Feb. 1, China's Ministry of Science and Technology, revoked the State Scientific and Technological Progress Award (SSTPA) given to Li Liansheng, former professor of Xi'an Jiaotong University in 2005.
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From eBooks to the iPad: How is Device Proliferation Driving User Demand While Changing Behavior?

(tmcnet.com): Cloud services offer benefits for consumers, businesses and service providers alike. On the consumer and business side, the benefits are obvious: who wouldn't love robust applications delivered over the internet via a pay-as-you-go pricing model? For service providers, the demand for cloud applications provides an obvious opportunity to increase revenue and grow profits
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How India uses Mobile Applications

(penn-olson.com): India has a long history in the mobile application market. Right from the introduction of the revolutionary iPhone that opened gate for Apple's mobile application store in India to Android and Ovi application markets; mobile applications have come a long way. How about mobile usage behavior? A study by Nokia along with Professor Trevor Pinch of Cornell University has the answer.
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