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The e-book is the future

(wnd.com): Last week, CNET reported that Amazon is now selling more e-books for its Kindle reader than it is selling traditional paperback books. When e-books outsold hardcovers, this was no real shock, given the high prices hardcovers command. The paperback, by contrast, is the standard by which leisure reading is judged.
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Is Google's Copying Complaint Fair or Hypocritical?

(pcworld.com): Google irately charged Microsoft with sneakily capturing the top Google results for various queries and grafting them into the Bing search engine. It lobbed its complaint in an article on the Search Engine Land blog and continued it during an onstage panel at a search event.
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Top 5 App Tips for Magazine Publishers

(minonline.com): At this week's (Jan. 25) min Webinar, "Apps 2.0 for Magazine Brands," three seasoned magazine app developers shared with attendees some of the lessons learned from these early days of branded mobile media. Ulla McGee, VP, business development and mobile, PCWorld/Macworld, Matt Bean, AVP, mobile, social&emerging media, Rodale Inc., and Joe McCambley, co-founder and creative director for the Wonderfactory, served a heaping helping of tips, tactics and advice on handling the world of apps.
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Aftermarketing: What Publishers Now Must Do After the Sale

(scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org): Are there too many books? Too few? Perhaps there are too many in some disciplines, not enough in others? How could this information be used to build plans for migrating toward patron-driven acquisition (PDA), which potentially could lower libraries' costs - or, better yet, align collections with usage such that library funds are most efficiently spent?
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If science can't be trusted, what can?

(thetrumpet.com): Some high-profile scientists are making a startling assertion: Science isn't really science at all. All too often it is more like a combination of voodoo statistics, snake-oil salesmanship and big business.
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