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(scienceblogs.com): Standard definitions of science emphasize not only logic and reason and empiricism, but also a set of processes, some specific to an investigator, and some dependent on a community of scholars. Those processes impose some limits: an inability to evaluate claims that either produce no empirical results (e.g., the purely supernatural), or whose results are entirely personal and available only to introspection (e.g., literary quality).
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Open Letter to President of Hungarian Academy of Sciences

(openaccess.eprints.org): It is impossible for scholars and scientists living in the rest of the world to be unaware of the very worrisome developments taking place in Hungary today. There is dismay about the curbs on press freedoms, but the latest developments have struck home in the Academy. Every funded scholar and scientist in the world knows that research grants are provided to support the conduct of research and the communication of its results through conferences, student support and publications.
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Publishers to Baidu: Delete our works

(search.japantimes.co.jp): Chinese search engine giant Baidu has been warned by Tokyo-based Kodansha Ltd. that unless it deletes from its library site manga and novels the firm publishes, it may resort to legal action. Other large publishing houses are also demanding that Baidu Japan Inc. remove content provided in its Baidu Library file-sharing service, where users can share and browse various documents free of charge.
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The e-book is the future

(wnd.com): Last week, CNET reported that Amazon is now selling more e-books for its Kindle reader than it is selling traditional paperback books. When e-books outsold hardcovers, this was no real shock, given the high prices hardcovers command. The paperback, by contrast, is the standard by which leisure reading is judged.
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Is Google's Copying Complaint Fair or Hypocritical?

(pcworld.com): Google irately charged Microsoft with sneakily capturing the top Google results for various queries and grafting them into the Bing search engine. It lobbed its complaint in an article on the Search Engine Land blog and continued it during an onstage panel at a search event.
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