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Library E-Books Easier, But Still Hassle

(npr.org): Libraries have been lending e-books for longer than there's been a Kindle, but until recently only a few devices worked with them. That's changed in the past few months with the arrival of software for reading library e-books on some popular devices: iPhones, iPads and Android-powered smart phones.
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Peer review: Trial by Twitter

(nature.com): Blogs and tweets are ripping papers apart within days of publication, leaving researchers unsure how to react. Papers are increasingly being taken apart in blogs, on Twitter and on other social media within hours rather than years, and in public, rather than at small conferences or in private conversation..
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Withdrawal of journal access is a wake-up call for researchers in the developing world

(blogs.plos.org): The news (see http://www.bmj.com/content/342/bmj.d196) that several publishers have withdrawn access to health journals from the academic communities in Bangladesh has come as a wake-up call about the limitations of the HINARI programme. Many on the HIFA-2015 (Healthcare Information For All by 2015) forum feel this annoucement is a disaster, and that the only way to resolve the situation is to launch a concerted effort to restore journal access to those in Bangladesh.
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World web wars

(moneycontrol.com): Recently, Facebook launched features that seem designed to hit Google where it hurts: An alliance with Microsoft's Bing search engine, which shows your friends' movies, books or other items you search and a tie-up with Skype, which directly competes with Google Talk's voice chat. In early November, a frustrated Google, unable to see what more than 600 million people are doing within Facebook for more than five hours a day, altered its terms of service to state that its data would only be available to services that reciprocated.
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Predictions for the Enterprise Tablet Market - by Frost&Sullivan

(nationmultimedia.com): In under a year, tablets have gone from newbie to necessity among technologists and mainstream buyers alike. Apple threw down the gauntlet with the iPad, and more traditional enterprise vendors followed: Cisco (with the Cius), Avaya (Desktop Video Device), RIM (PlayBook) and various vendors supporting the Android operating system. Welcome to the age of the tablet, a mobile device that offers the power of a PC, the convenience of a smart phone, and the cool-factor of, well… the hottest new technology out of the box. But will they fly in the enterprise, or are tablets built and designed for consumer use and adoption?.
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