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Why Is the Internet Considered to Be "Artificial"?

(scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org): One of the social concerns stalking the Internet has been its perceived artificiality - there's still a stigma to things like virtual reality, Facebook "friends," and Internet dating. After all, these things aren't real. They're artificial. They represent a separation from reality that's either strange or alarming. One overall concern has been that such immersion in this artificial realm is separating our children from reality, lending an artifice to their perceptions of important social connections that won't serve them well into the future.
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(ISC)2 research shows focus on technology skills for cloud computing

(infosecurity-magazine.com): At the Infosecurity Europe press conference in London, January 11 2011, John Colley, managing director EMEA, (ISC)2, shared some preliminary results from the 2011 (ISC)2 Global Information Security Workforce Study (GISWS) conducted by industry analysts Frost&Sullivan. Colley revealed that 73% of the 7500 (ISC)2 certified professionals participating in the survey said that cloud computing requires new skills for security professionals.
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iPad publishing: Why the real challenge is the competition for attention

(guardian.co.uk): There's optimism but a lack of confidence in the news industry when it comes to exploiting the iPad. Conde Nast is doing selectively ambitious projects, and a handful of titles are carefully pushing out sensitively planned apps - aware of the scrutiny of developing for this high-profile platform. Beyond the traditional media industry, there have been few innovative models for iPad news apps.
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Business Realities of Tablets and E-Readers

(editorandpublisher.com): There is a great deal of interest in the opportunities that tablets and e-readers are providing, and many see them as the saviors of newspapers. But publishers have to be careful about the hype surrounding these devices and should consider them thoughtfully before leaping on the bandwagon. One of the most striking things about the conversations is that they are primarily about the needs of publishers rather than the needs of consumers. It is a perilous way to approach any new product offering.
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Book industry battling e-book piracy, DRM issues

(myce.com): Consumers continue to embrace e-readers and e-books, with digital book publishing expected to be a big business in 2011. As the industry turns into a major cash cow, the concern over piracy could lead to rash decisions and more DRM. Actual DRM effectiveness remains unknown, with some companies and publishers choosing to test the waters with DRM..
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