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Predictions for the Enterprise Tablet Market - by Frost&Sullivan

(nationmultimedia.com): In under a year, tablets have gone from newbie to necessity among technologists and mainstream buyers alike. Apple threw down the gauntlet with the iPad, and more traditional enterprise vendors followed: Cisco (with the Cius), Avaya (Desktop Video Device), RIM (PlayBook) and various vendors supporting the Android operating system. Welcome to the age of the tablet, a mobile device that offers the power of a PC, the convenience of a smart phone, and the cool-factor of, well… the hottest new technology out of the box. But will they fly in the enterprise, or are tablets built and designed for consumer use and adoption?.
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E-books flying off the shelves

(depauliaonline.com): Students buying books for the quarter probably noticed the green "NookStudy" cards lining the shelves. These cardboard slips are the next step in textbook technology: eTextbooks brought to DePaul by Barnes and Noble's NookStudy application. Launched in August 2010, NookStudy consolidates study materials and eTextbooks into one program. Barnes and Noble has been selling eTextbooks since 2003, but until NookStudy, "they didn't really gain traction," said Jade Roth, Vice President of Digital Strategy at Barnes and Noble College.
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For Magazines, a Bitter Pill in iPad

(nytimes.com): The frustration that the country's magazine and newspaper publishers feel toward Apple can sound a lot like a variation on the old relationship gripe, "can't live with 'em, may get left behind without 'em." Since Apple introduced the iPad last year, publishers have poured millions of dollars into apps in the hopes that the device could revolutionize the industry by changing the way magazines are read and sold to consumers..
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As The E-Reader Trend Grows, So Does Interest From Local Libraries

(palos.patch.com): Although the book publishing industry might have been slower than music and photography in embracing the digital age, the industry is receiving a major jolt from e-reader devices. Palos-area libraries have noticed the trend and either have, or are considering embracing the new technology.
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University Presses Face Watershed Moment in Explosion of E-Book Options

(chronicle.com): University presses want to get e-books into libraries and make those books readily discoverable by scholars, but many presses lack the technical resources to pull it off easily. As recently as last fall, they didn't have many noncommercial options if they wanted outside help. But soon they'll have at least four collective nonprofit or academically affiliated options to pick from. Large-scale e-book platforms organized by JSTOR, Project MUSE, Oxford University Press, and a consortium led by several midsize presses are all on the verge of going live.
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