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Do You Have Time NOT to Launch a Social Media Strategy?

(officingtoday.com): Social media is all the rage. And it's not hard to see why. Business centers can turn to YouTube to offer virtual tours of their facilities. Facebook pages and Twitter accounts build a loyal following where you can announce special discounts, community events and more. But there is talk now that social media is becoming a drag on some companies. The post looks at that argument, and then explores the key question: Do you have time NOT to launch a social media strategy?
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With CES raining tablets, some will get flooded out

(computerworld.com): With as many as 100 different models of tablet computers from dozens of makers expected to be on display at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week, market consolidation is a certainty. Some of those tablet models won't be on the market within in a year, and some won't even last beyond the four-day show that officially kicks off Thursday, predicted Shawn Dubravac, chief economist for the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), the show's sponsor.
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British experts complete database of every plant name on the planet - all 1.25million of them

(dailymail.co.uk): Experts from Britain and the U.S have taken a step to resolving the issue by publishing the most comprehensive list of land plant species ever compiled. The database was created by researchers at Kew Gardens and the Missouri Botanical Garden. It identifies 1.25million plant names - 300,000 of which are recognised as standard species while 480,000 are regarded as synonyms or alternative names.
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Year-End stats from MIT point to increasing popularity of open educational resources

(readwriteweb.com): Like many sites and services, MIT OpenCourseWare has released some of its user statistics from 2010. The figures show strong growth for what is one of the world's premier open educational resources, with an increase in visits and visitors between 2009 and 2010..
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Death by Irony: How Librarians Killed the Academic Library

(chronicle.com): It is entirely possible that the life of the academic library could have been spared if the last generation of librarians had spent more time plotting a realistic path to the future and less time chasing outdated trends while mindlessly spouting mantras like "There will always be books and libraries" and "People will always need librarians to show them how to use information." We'll never know now what kind of treatments might have worked. Librarians planted the seeds of their own destruction and are responsible for their own downfall.
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