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France delays e-book VAT cut to 2012

(thebookseller.com): The cut in VAT on unenriched ebooks from 19.6% to 5.5% in France will almost certainly be postponed for a year from 1st January 2011 to 2012. Reports suggest that the dire state of French public finances are the reason for delaying the cut. The move is expected to curb the growth of the ebook market, and although unenriched ebooks will still be around in a year's time, other forms are expected to have developed.
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Judge focuses on question of 'fair use' in copyright lawsuit

(technews.tmcnet.com): Critics of copyright infringement lawsuits over Las Vegas Review-Journal stories keep coming back to one simple argument: There can be no online copyright infringements because the Review-Journal encourages readers to save, e-mail and print stories on its website. That argument, sometimes referred to as an "implied license" to copy, is disputed by the Review-Journal's copyright enforcement partner, Righthaven LLC.
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Making Open Access Pay

(publishingperspectives.com): In Germany, more often than not, an institute or author is expected to contribute a fair sum to have a work published in open access. The challenge then shifts from funding to maintaining quality control. It is certainly not a new debate, but as libraries and authors put more and more pressure on German publishers and institutions to adopt the open access paradigm, the hunt is on for a business model that will provide widespread access to research and academic writings, but also allow publishers to put a monetary value on their content. In response to this pressure, many German publishers are experimenting with a variety of (primarily hybrid print/electronic) business models.
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HE funding in the US and the UK

(scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org): The response in Britain to both the Browne Report and the announced cuts has been predictably intense and polarized. Representatives of research universities with a strong STEM focus were quick to applaud the report and its recommendations, while liberal arts institutions and their faculties reacted with varying degrees of horror.
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France Says Google Is Main Cause Of News Publishers' Woes

(paidcontent.co.uk): The competition watchdog, L'Autorité de la Concurrence, in an opinion expressed to the finance minister, says Google is "dominant" in search advertising (no surprise there - Google's search share in Europe is far higher than in the U.S.). But it did not rule Google that is abusing that dominance, instead saying: "This dominance is, of course, not wrong in itself: it is the result of a tremendous effort of innovation, backed by significant and ongoing investment. Only the abuse of such market power could be sanctioned against."
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