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The future of books is a real page-turner

(smh.com.au): The government is seeking the public's help over whether paper books will eventually be superseded by electronic versions, writes Barry Jones. Fifteen years ago, Nicholas Negroponte published being digital. As a dyslexic, he didn't enjoy reading and even apologised for writing a book to disseminate his ideas about "bits" versus "atoms" in the Information Age.
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How Copyright Takes Away Rights From Consumers

(techdirt.com): It's amusing to see defenders of current copyright law often making final declarations about how copyright is a "right" for artists, and thus protecting those rights absolutely makes sense. What they never seem to talk about is how, at the same time, copyright quite frequently is removing rights from the public. Julian Sanchez points us to a fascinating new paper from law professor John Tehranian, which tries to bring user rights back into the discussion of copyright.
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The Open Group Publishes SOA Concepts in Cloud Era

(sys-con.com): The Open Group recently published its SOA ontology, in which it lays out concepts, definitions, recommendations, and approved standards. This group--led by HP and IBM and stitched together from previous organizations in the 90s to promote Unix in light of perceived competitive threats from Microsoft - may have placed on the back burner in many IT manager's minds.
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Intelligent, Online Video Archiving-Just What the Doctor Ordered

(surgistrategies.com): With rapidly evolving new technologies, video is playing an increasingly important role in operating and procedure rooms, throughout the hospital and beyond for surgical training, consultation, case documentation, patient education and more. Given that, how video images are saved for future use is more important than ever before. It's high time for video storage, one of the most overlooked links in the video chain, to come out of the closet - not to mention off the bookshelf, where it is too often found - and be truly managed in a centralized, hospital-wide fashion.
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Cases to Make E-Books Look Like Real Books

(wired.com): Originally, because early e-readers tended to ship with protective covers, there weren't many third-party accessory companies working on cases for e-readers at all. Cases with the look and feel of vintage books began as a homemade, user-driven phenomenon - and the easiest way to make a case that looks like a book is to start with a book.
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