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Do we need Government Intervention?

Peter Banks, Publisher, American Diabetics Association, has concluded that the US National Institutes of Health's (NIH) intervention into STM content access has failed to meet its aim.
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Do authors demand Open Access?

Dr. Ian Rowlands, founding member of the Centre for Information Behavior and the Evaluation of Research (CIBER) discusses a research study on open access.
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Unweaving the Rainbow: Institutional Repositories and other Destabilizing Influences

Ann Okerson, Associate Librarian, Yale University, explains the relationship between publishers and institutional repositories, based on a concluded research.
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Google and science: a common future?

Ed Pentz, Executive Director, CrossRef, has presented a research conducted on Google Scholar, a scholarly search engine. This presentation explains the issues affecting publishers.
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Open access to scientific information

Esther R. Dyer, Executive Director, American-Italian Cancer Foundation, explains the need for open access journals, pointing out the high subscription rates of scientific journals. He also examines the efforts of various publishers and institutes that have allowed free literature.
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