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The future of medical journals

This presentation was delivered by Richard Smith, former Editor of British Medical Journal. In this presentation he talks about what's currently wrong with our attempts to provide doctors with the information they need; why might journals die; drivers of change for the future of medical publishing; and what might the future look like. He further discusses what the drivers of a new form of publishing are.
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Open Access: Advantage Authors

This presentation was delivered by Sukhdev Singh, Naina Pandita and Shefali S Dash of the Bibliographic Informatics Division of the National Informatics Center in India during the IAMI 2007 Conference. It discusses how OA holds promise to remove both price and permission barriers to the scientific communication.
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Making Research Data Accessible Suggestions from the Scientific Community

Confronted with unacceptable data quality problems, many scientists refuse to work further with recycled numbers. The value of data lies in their usefulness (ICSU-CODATA), but their use is only possible, when the data are easily accessible. Technical and organisational consequences arising from the restraints described above necessitate improvements in the acquisition of data. This presentation was delivered by Wefer, Gerold at the Berlin 5 Open Access : From practice to impact : Consequences of Knowledge dissemination, Padova (Italy).
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Distilling Strategic Directions for Repositories from Faculty and Librarian Attitudes

Both faculty members and academic librarians express deeply conflicted views about the purpose of repositories, and engagement with repositories varies widely. To what purposes are repositories being put, and what purposes does the community have in mind for them? Is the repository movement just another fad, or is there potential to introduce widespread change? Should repositories be organized on an institutional basis or in some other way? This presentation, by Roger C. Schonfeld, Manager of Research, Ithaka, will share some of the most relevant findings, including breakdowns by institutional profile and, among faculty members, discipline, with an emphasis on some of the strategic directions that these findings indicate.
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New publishing models for scholarly communication and the Brazilian open access policy

This presentation by Sely M. S. Costa aims to provide a picture of the Brazilian initiatives with open access journals and conferences over the last four years using both Open Journal System (OJS) and Open Conference System (OCS) as their platform, respectively. Based on the study of the scholarly communication process and the impacts brought about by the use of information technologies, the paper focuses on the adoption of a national information policy concerned with the open access movement and implemented by the Brazilian Institute of Information on Science and Technology (Ibict afterwards).
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