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Medical publishing in the future

This presentation was delivered by Alison Langton, Books Publishing Director, Medicine, Wiley-Blackwell. In her presentation Langton discusses how the world of medical-book publishing is changing fast, and the several benefits of publishing in the internet age. According to her, though E-books are not seen as mere substitutes for print, print sales will be reduced.
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Value Added Publishing

Providing a digitised journal backfile for online access in perpetuity is highly desired by libraries. There is a great demand on publishers to provide quality articles quickly and as economically and efficiently as possible. In this presentation, Cindy Brown, Production Manager, Journals, Wiley-Blackwell, describes in detail the company's online early production workflow. She further describes how author services and gateways allow authors to follow the article through the publishing process.
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Scientific Publishing: New Masters, New Rules

This presentation was delivered by Rene Olivieri, Chief Operating Officer, Wiley-Blackwell, at an international conference initiated by the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP) and the German Association of Publishers and Booksellers (Börsenverein). In his presentation Olivieri describes societies, funding bodies, governments and researchers as the new masters, while the new rules suggested include selection and validation to be as important as ever.
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Identifying, Accessing and Disseminating Scientific Information. A Biological Scientist's Perspective.

This presentation by Dr Sarah Coulthurst from the Department of Biochemistry, Cambridge University, provides a biological scientist's perspective on identifying, accessing and disseminating required scientific data. The information requirements of a researcher vary from day to day depending on personal preference, field, types of techniques used, career stage and project cycle. Despite this individuality, there are some common problems and approaches.
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South African research policy and practice in the digital age

This presentation was delivered by Dr Eve Gray, Consultant and OSI Fellow, South Africa, during the Workshop on Electronic Publishing and Open Access: A developing Country Perspective. It highlights with statistics the marginalisation of African knowledge, research and dissemination in South Africa including publishing and policy.
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