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Making Enterprise Content Governance a reality

When it comes to structured data, recognition of the need for quality and effective management is growing steadily. Tools to support quality and management activities are becoming more widely available. But as board-level interest in unstructured content rises, those responsible for it are feeling the heat. From technical architects, to information managers, CIOs, web managers and brand managers, all are now trying to figure out how to make unstructured content a strategic business asset like its structured cousin.
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Access by UK small and medium-sized enterprises to professional and academic information

This report explores issues around levels of access to research journals by SMEs, drawing on three sources: a literature review and primary data from an online survey, supported by qualitative interviews. There are 4.7 million SMEs in the UK representing 99.9% of all firms and responsible for 59% of private sector employment. The study was designed not just to look at SME use of journals literature in isolation but to put this into context by examining how important this information was to the company, both in itself and also in comparison to other kinds of information, and also how often SMEs made use of the information and how they obtained it.
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Tracking Social Engagement with Content

Information discovery is seen to be shifting away from search engines to social applications. The rapid rise of social media and social networks as primary sources of news and information is now well recognized. Mainstream media is scrambling to establish online publishing presences to try to retain audience and market share. The web has become a very fragmented place. While the social media universe is clearly powerful, it isn't well understood.
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Streamlining Book Metadata Workflow

Written by consultant Judy Luther, President, Informed Strategies, this white paper analyses the current state of metadata creation, exchange and use throughout the book supply chain.The white paper was commissioned by NISO and OCLC as a follow-up to the Symposium for Publishers and Librarians held by OCLC on March 18-19, 2009, to discuss book metadata. Through interviews with over 30 industry representatives, Luther has created a book metadata exchange map illustrating the workflow and metadata exchange, and has identified opportunities for eliminating redundancies and making the entire process more economical.
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Leveraging Web 2.0 for B2B Media - Ideas&Best Practices

This whitepaper seeks to help B2B media companies leverage Web 2.0 and social media tactics and technologies. Created by American Business Media's Media Marketing Committee, it focuses on education for those B2B media executives who are not familiar with many of the latest Web 2.0 applications or whose companies have been slow to implement them.
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