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Streamlining Book Metadata Workflow

Written by consultant Judy Luther, President, Informed Strategies, this white paper analyses the current state of metadata creation, exchange and use throughout the book supply chain.The white paper was commissioned by NISO and OCLC as a follow-up to the Symposium for Publishers and Librarians held by OCLC on March 18-19, 2009, to discuss book metadata. Through interviews with over 30 industry representatives, Luther has created a book metadata exchange map illustrating the workflow and metadata exchange, and has identified opportunities for eliminating redundancies and making the entire process more economical.
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Leveraging Web 2.0 for B2B Media - Ideas&Best Practices

This whitepaper seeks to help B2B media companies leverage Web 2.0 and social media tactics and technologies. Created by American Business Media's Media Marketing Committee, it focuses on education for those B2B media executives who are not familiar with many of the latest Web 2.0 applications or whose companies have been slow to implement them.
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Maximizing Revenue and Minimizing Piracy

Article tools and the copyright notice can work in concert to greatly improve the usability of content and increase publisher revenue, while reducing piracy of copyrighted content. Most publishers are missing the boat. Article tools give readers the green light to do something with content besides read it. So does the copyright notice if it is implemented as an interactive link and not as static text. This paper presents some of the findings of a recent user survey and independent usability testing of article tools.
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Current Models of Digital Scholarly Communication

The networked digital environment has enabled the creation of many new kinds of works that are accessible to end users directly, and many of these resources have become essential tools for scholars conducting research, building scholarly networks, and disseminating their ideas and work. In the spring of 2008, ARL engaged Ithaka to conduct an investigation into the range of online resources valued by scholars, paying special attention to those projects that are pushing beyond the boundaries of traditional formats and are considered innovative by the faculty who use them. This report profiles each of these types of resources, including discussion of how and why the faculty members reported using the resources for their work, how content is selected for the site, and what sustainability strategies the resources are employing.
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A principal component analysis of 39 scientific impact measures

The impact of scientific publications has traditionally been expressed in terms of citation counts. However, scientific activity has moved online over the past decade. To better capture scientific impact in the digital era, a variety of new impact measures has been proposed on the basis of social network analysis and usage log data. In this paper, authors Johan Bollen, Herbert Van de Sompel, Aric Hagberg and Ryan Chute, investigate how these new measures relate to each other, and how accurately and completely they express scientific impact.
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