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Time for a change: the Italian CRUI-Open Access Working Group's action for a national e-theses provision service

The paper seeks to present the status of e-theses collections in Italy, focusing on the major drivers for change that can contribute to create the basis of a national e-theses provision service able to collaborate with other international services. It illustrates the e-theses project of Bologna University as a case study of a viable integrated system offering added-value services.
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Taking EPrints to the next level

Repository software developers need to engage more with those who run the repositories, that is, those who choose and use the software. For open source software this would appear to be a natural process, but can it help make the software more sustainable? And can the community that evolves to do this be sustainable too? The EPrints Community project set out to investigate both questions. The report has lessons for repository software, community building and the management and commercialisation of related services. How these approaches evolve and interact is going to have a big impact on which repository software is successful in the longer run.
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The E-only Tipping Point for Journals: What's Ahead in the Print-to-Electronic Transition Zone

Publishers and libraries today find themselves in an extended transition zone between print-only and e-only journals. This report, published by the Association of Research Libraries, examines the issues associated with the migration from dual-format publishing toward electronic-only publication of journals.
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Journal Backfiles in Scientific Publishing

The British Library has been working with a number of STM publishers, to help them begin or complete programmes of backfile digitisation. The Library wanted to further explore the market place for digitisation and assess the impacts and benefits on publishers, customers, end users and authors. This marketing white paper gives an evaluation of the current market and how it will look moving forward.
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Refreshing Your Magazine's Brand Through Digital Editions

This white paper explains how today's digital magazines offer a wealth of opportunities in the way of branding benefits. It outlines specific strategies for launching the Digital Edition; going mobile; integrating the print brand online; building circulation with cost-effective digital samples; leveraging multimedia; harnessing the power of social media; and achieving a cutting-edge brand image.
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