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NIMAS: An Opportunity for Educational Publishers

This white paper from Integration New Media, Inc. and Really Strategies Inc. provides educational publishers with an overview of the National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard (NIMAS), an explanation of how NIMAS applies to them, and a summary of the new opportunities it creates. It presents a 101 level overview of NIMAS and its importance to publishers. Also, it looks at how XML and content management solutions can help publishers streamline their workflow to meet the requirements of NIMAS and to create new business opportunities for the reuse, repurposing, and repackaging of content.
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Promoting Integrity in Scientific Journal Publications

This white paper examines the various models of authorship and contributorship and analyses how editors can ensure that they have a workable conflict of interest policy. While the first half of the paper covers the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved in publishing, the second half covers research misconduct - its definition and identification as well as international models to tackle it. The paper also examines the difference between a retraction and a published expression of concern, and addresses the question of how best to correct the literature.
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E-volution of Revolution: Some observations on emerging trends in content, technology and service provision

The publishing industry is being affected both by new technological developments and by more challenging customer demands. This paper contrasts forward-planning work undertaken by Martin Marlow three years ago with what is actually happening now. Similar changes are on the agenda, but they have been ramped up both in degree and urgency. Access and content are becoming equally important. Publishing paradigms for the 'new sciences' will demand increased sophistication of customer service and search and analysis tools. Publishing will undergo a metamorphosis influenced both by changing user demands and changes in 'the Web' itself. Marlow summarises his findings by reasserting the importance of the five M model: information needs to be 'malleable, multiple-platformed, manageable, mixable, and massive'.
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Scientific publishing in transition: an overview of current developments

The number of peer reviewed journals published annually has been growing at a steady rate of about 3.5 percent per year for over two centuries. This white paper presents an overview of the current state of the world of scientific journal publishing. The data used in the paper has been sourced from published reports and articles, where possible.
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Study on the economic and technical evolution of the scientific publication markets in Europe

The European Commission's report on scientific publishing has firmly placed itself in the international discussion of where such publishing should go in the future. The report acknowledged that much of the scientific research conducted in Europe is publicly funded and hence recommended that access to such research should be guaranteed.
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