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Employee Blogs - How to Benefit from it?

This white paper (by Edelman and Intelliseek) discusses the phenomenon of employee blogging, quoting several examples. A highly informative read for STM publishers who wish to effectively harness this phenomenon of employee blogging to their benefit.
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Electronic medical records and your practice

This 2K Electronic Medical Records white paper examines the effects its implementation can have on a physician's practice. It guides medical billing professionals, practitioners and their office personnel on what questions they should ask prior to purchasing EMR software.
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Content Conversion Strategies for the Multi-Channel Publishing Environment

Multi-channel publishing has developed into a business imperative. Its growth was led by an escalation in the cost of production, as previously there was no proper means to reuse content. Media-neutral formats like the XML have now been identified as cost-effective methods to reuse and deliver content. XML, due to its portability, is being recognised as a de facto standard in content management, authoring and delivery. This white paper discusses the possible challenges faced due to content conversion and examines plans to minimise the cost and effort of conveying an XML-based content management system (CMS) to the clients. There are case studies of three publishers for better illustration.
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reUSE White Paper on Digital Repositories

reUSE is a joint project of various European national and university libraries that seeks to gather, archive and make accessible publications from a variety of sources within their area of influence. The sources include public sector bodies, non-profit organisations, higher education and other organisations circulating textual documents into the public domain. The two vital points on which the reUSE White Paper on Digital Repositories is based are an environmental scan of recent advancements and international open issues, and a position check and cross-analysis of the current execution work at the reUSE supporters.
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Institutional repositories to address multiple issues

Institutional repositories have received a positive response from universities, libraries and taxpayers. Universities that contribute to a study find it unfair when required to buy the published reports. Libraries struggle to allocate money from their stringent budgets to buy high-priced journals. Taxpayers realise that the tax money is invested in scientific studies and refuse to pay twice for the same study. An alternative to the problems faced by the three parties is to maintain a repository of the research reports.
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