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Role of grey literature in scientific publishing

Grey literature is recognised as a significant source of scholarly information. The advent of electronic scholarly publishing has resulted in archiving of and continuous access to the literature. The paper discusses the emergence of grey materials for research papers in scientific journals. A study on the researchers and academics in Portugal, gauging from the grey literature archive of the National Library of Portugal, is outlined in the paper.
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The value of structure in searching scientific literature

Information in academic libraries, gathered through peer-review, publishing and library selection procedures, is often difficult to find. To have a better access to science literature for research purposes, proper structure of scientific data is essential. Online scientific and indexing databases are an increasingly sought source of information. These databases are required to have information in a particular order to provide optimum search results.
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The impact of open access journals - a citation study from Thomson ISI

Open access journals are touted as better performers, drawing a wider audience than traditional subscribed journals. Many publishers and science societies have expressed their stance for or against this publishing model. While open access supporters emphasise the reach of science literature, opponents argue that editorial quality is maintained only in traditional publishing. Thomson ISI has conducted a study on this topic as a part of ongoing research to measure the performance of open access journals against traditional journals.
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Economic benefits of digital object identifier in publishing

This white paper is the first in a series by Electronic Publishing Services (EPS) Ltd. that examines the return on investment (ROI) for a publisher after installing Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs). It measures a publisher's online marketing and sales capacities after implementing DOI. The study is focused on three areas, namely discoverability, user experience and operational efficiency.
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Economic cost models of scientific scholarly journals

This paper elaborates the expenses related to scientific publishing, taking five publishing components into account. A publisher adopts a suitable model comprising these components that is also cost-effective. An estimation of the total cost of publishing a standard scientific journal, derived from sample science journals, is made in this paper.
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