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Scholarly journals: form and function

This paper enunciates the evolution of scholarly communication in relation to the form and function of scholarly journals and articles. Electronic scholarly communication is examined on the basis of appearance, type of content, organisation and delivery mode to decide the form of scholarly journals. 'Function' refers to the value adding capacity for these articles. Three schools of scholarly communication perspectives are explained and the transformation of scholarly communication is explained along the lines of these theories. The conclusion contemplates on the future of the journals and articles based on the three theories.
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Improving Journal Quality with Process Improvement Methods

Increasing competition in the field of scholarly publishing has pushed continuous quality improvement into the centre stage. This paper advocates the benefits of applying 'Process Improvement' techniques to improve the quality of journals to provide the desired competitive edge. It also provides some examples on the various tools available and methods of implementation possible in the search for quality improvement in the journal publishing industry.
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Digital archiving in the new millennium: developing infrastructure

Digital archives have gained significance due to the evolution of digitised and electronic information transmission. There is much debate on the kind of infrastructure that is necessitated by a digital information environment. One of the key challenges in the process of developing such an infrastructure is the presence of a number of stakeholder groups (authors, publishers, funding, technologists, users, etc) with conflicting and diverse interests This paper identifies the key components of digital archiving infrastructure and provides some insights into the available best practices.
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Implementing Information Technology Systems

Scholarly publishers have the advantage of the latest technologies to modernise the production process and add value to the product. However, the volatile nature of technology, external factors involved and certain other risks disable the publisher from fully taping the advantages of information technology (IT). This paper elaborates on the results of a research conducted on publishers and technology developers.
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Catering to libraries

A significant increase in the cost of journals has impeded institutions such as libraries from purchasing them. The high subscription rates have induced the libraries to opt for e-journals over prints. In such a situation, marketing prints to libraries has become crucial. The paper suggests marketing programmes suitable for the library market
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