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MathML workflows in STM publishing

Mathematical expressions form an essential part of scientific, technical and medical (STM) content. Publishers use various platforms such as MathType and PowerMath to append math in the STM content. After MathML, an XML-based repository was built so that publishers find it easier to publish Web content with HTML and MathML.
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Crisis in scholarly publishing: an economic analysis

Scientific, technical and medical (STM) journal pricing in Australia has, at a particular point, exceeded the inflation rate of the country. The scholarly communication arena in Australia, its economies, players of the industry, cost structure, scope of activities, and distribution system are discussed in the paper.
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Publisher mergers: a consumer-based approach to antitrust analysis

While consumers are dependent on journals and published papers to learn about scientific issues, libraries have been playing a passive role. Publishers seem to have an upper hand in providing the required STM information through their publications. Given this context, the mergers amongst publishing firms have raised concerns. This paper suggests an antitrust review by the government while approving mergers amongst STM publishers.
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