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Did Online Access to Journals Change the Economics Literature?

(papers.ssrn.com): Does online access boost citations? The answer has implications for issues ranging from the value of a citation to the sustainability of open-access journals. Using panel data on citations to economics and business journals, this paper shows that the enormous effects found in previous studies were an artifact of their failure to control for article quality, disappearing once we add fixed effects as controls.
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The Convergence of the Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Engineering

(web.mit.edu): This report defines convergence as "the merging of distinct technologies, processing disciplines, or devices into a unified whole that creates a host of new pathways and opportunities" by combining life sciences, physical sciences, and engineering. Convergence is the "third revolution" in biomedical research, one that will be needed to make health care more affordable, the report says. (The first two revolutions were molecular biology following the 1953 discovery of the structure of DNA and the genomics era and sequencing of the human genome.).
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Investigating Variation in Querying Behavior for Image Searches on the Web

(asis.org): This study analyzed query iterations and query length during image searching processes on the Web from a naturalistic approach. It examined whether query iterations varied across contextual characteristics in an interactive Web searching process and determined if task goals and different content sources of query construction influenced query length and retrieval actions. The study's findings showed that query iterations were significantly different with types of task goals, working stage, and search expertise.
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Implementing Open Access: Policy Case Studies

(papers.ssrn.com): Implementing open access is a tough job. Legitimate authority, sufficient resources and the right timing are crucial. Pioneers, role models and flagship institutions all have faced considerable challenges in meeting their own aims and achieving a recognized success. Professionals charged with implementing policy typically need several years to accomplish significant progress. Many institutions adopting open access policies probably need to do more, much more, if the commitment to open access is to be meaningful.
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e-Journal Archiving for UK HE Libraries: White Paper Consultation

(ie-repository.jisc.ac.uk): Libraries are facing increasing space pressures and funding constraints. There is a growing interest in wherever possible moving more rapidly to e-only provision to help alleviate these pressures as well as to provide new electronic services to users. One of the most cited barriers and concerns both from library and faculty staff to moving to e-only has been sustaining and assuring long-term access to electronic content. The aim of this white paper is to help universities and libraries implement policies and procedures in relation to e-journal archiving which can help support the move towards e-only provision of scholarly journals across the HE sector.
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