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Multimedia Search and Retrieval

(icsti.org): Video, audio, images, and other types of multimedia have the potential to greatly enhance the usefulness and communicative abilities of traditional text-based information collections. These new forms of scientific information, including multimedia, numeric data, and social media, are emerging rapidly, with a significant increase observed just over the past four years. Many scientific conferences and symposia, for example, are now recorded, and the presentations are offered to attendees and others in video format.
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Open Bibliography for Science, Technology, and Medicine

(dspace.cam.ac.uk): The concept of Open Bibliography in science, technology and medicine (STM) is introduced as a combination of Open Source tools, Open specifications and Open bibliographic data. An Openly searchable and navigable network of bibliographic information and associated knowledge representations, a Bibliographic Knowledge Network, across all branches of Science, Technology and Medicine, has been designed and initiated. For this large scale endeavour, the engagement and cooperation of the multiple stakeholders in STM publishing - authors, librarians, publishers and administrators - is sought.
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Funding for Sustainability: How Funders' Practices Influence the Future of Digital Resources

(ithaka.org): Over the past decade, government agencies and philanthropic organisations have made significant investments in the creation of digital content in the not-for-profit sector. The grants have facilitated major digitisation efforts, helped to spur development of significant new digital collections and encouraged innovative work. And yet, all too often, digital resource projects struggle as they transition from grant funding to a longer-term plan for ongoing growth and development.
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Layers of Influence: The interrelationship of key impact variables

(tdfconsultinginc.com): Identifying, analyzing and improving the complex and interrelated variables in three layers of influence of STM journal marketing will lead to a more successful journal and higher revenues for its publishers. That's the message behind a new white paper released by TDF Consulting. In the white paper, the firm highlights that even niche journals operate in a highly competitive arena for authors, reviewers, users, and revenue and there are three levels of influence that must be considered by a journal's publisher to increase - or create - success for the journal..
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Did Online Access to Journals Change the Economics Literature?

(papers.ssrn.com): Does online access boost citations? The answer has implications for issues ranging from the value of a citation to the sustainability of open-access journals. Using panel data on citations to economics and business journals, this paper shows that the enormous effects found in previous studies were an artifact of their failure to control for article quality, disappearing once we add fixed effects as controls.
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